Work Life Balance for Busy Women

April 8, 2021

By Diane Shannon

Most women have been socialized to feel strongly that they must prioritize caring for others, no matter the sacrifice to their career advancement or personal well-being. Women physicians are no exception. As one told me, “My husband is okay with going off to play golf on the weekend for 4 hours. I could never do that—I’d feel too guilty, because I’ve been at work all week.”

So they work on charting after the kids go to bed, they worry about not excelling at medicine and at mothering, and they tend to neglect themselves. The pandemic has exponentially increased the pressure on these women. Most with whom I speak are at the end of their rope: starved for time, for rest, and for self-care. Yet how can they find time for themselves with so much at stake and zero breathing room?

To read my report on the top challenges facing women physicians today, click here.   The report resonates with so many other women from all walks of life.

The answer to the issue of work life balance for women, I’m convinced, lies in really understanding and living by what really matters to you from the 10,000 foot view. Knowing that—and how to say no with tact—opens the door to a more harmonious life. A life that is not without its stress and bumps, but one in which you can surf the waves more often, instead of feeling pulled under by them.

Take a moment to find your 10,000 foot view.

  • What matters most to you?
  • What gives your life meaning?
  • Where does your passion lie?

What is one step you could take this week to spend a little more time there?

Make it concrete and schedule it. Tell someone and hold yourself accountable. See it as an experiment and tweak as you go along.

If you’re a woman physician or health care leader and this sounds like a journey you’d like to take with others, join me for a 4-session program on improving work-life balance/integration, time and energy management, and gaining a sense of lack of agency.

Learn from your colleagues as we investigate how to start surfing the waves. We take off on April 15th!

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Diane Shannon, M.D., works with physicians and health care leaders to help them reach their personal and professional goals.

Photo credit: Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

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