Executive Coaching Services

Executive Coaching

Are you a strong leader who wants to identify your areas of growth so you can progress to the next level? Are you a leader struggling in a new role? Have you recently received a 360 assessment and want to address the identified issues? Or are you a manager who wants to help a subordinate grow and learn? Boston Executive Coaches start with trust and then focus on building awareness of your strengths. We explore how overusing your strengths may narrow your choices and limit possibilities. We support an “optimistic stance” and bring awareness so you can develop an action plan that will facilitate professional growth.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching for an executive team is critical even if every member of the team has or is already receiving individual coaching. Boston Executive Coaches concentrate on how individuals communicate and the dynamics of meetings and daily interactions. Are there unknown barriers or established behaviors by the leader and the members of the team that cause obstacles to your organizational goals? Does the leader know the dynamics of her or his team? Boston Executive Coaches can help build awareness and action planning for each team, based on its own unique needs.

Group Facilitation

BEC specializes in helping teams to work together more effectively. With years of experience in transforming organizations, our organization development knowledge can help your group or team examine and improve their problem solving, decision making and conflict management capability and competency. We bring objectivity and process expertise to facilitate group learning and change to create sustainable high performance.

Transition Coaching

Each member of the team at Boston Executive Coaches has served in senior roles during numerous complex organizational transitions, including IPOs, mergers, acquisitions, down-sizings, and restructuring initiatives. We appreciate the unique challenges related to these systemic changes, both from an organization's perspective, as well from the personal side. We combine our experience with the most advanced theories and practices of transition. Let us help you successfully navigate yours.

Fundamentals of Coaching

Every leader needs to know how to coach his or her own team members. The approach of Boston Executive Coaches is Gestalt-based – meaning to help individuals see emergent behaviors and the “Whole” of an individual or group. Our job as coaches is to enhance your knowledge of change management, group dynamics and communication, thereby providing you the tools to use in the daily coaching of the team.

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