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I Hate Sunday Nights

June 12, 2024

By Dave Bushy, PCC I’ve lived it.  The uneasy sense that creeps into your thoughts when you wake up on Sunday.  It builds all afternoon into something that begins to gnaw at you. Ultimately it morphs into a dreaded feeling deep in your gut that you can’t shake.   I hate Sunday nights. Why?  Perhaps […]

What You Look For Is What You Will See

May 29, 2024

By Allison Iantosca, ACC Here it is, my very first, number one, quick-fix coaching tool. Immediately applicable, low cost, works-every-time tip. Are you ready? What you look for is what you will see. There was this guy I used to work with. He was, for lack of a better term, a bully. He didn’t really […]

They’re Just People

May 15, 2024

By Dave Bushy, PCC As an executive coach, I work with senior corporate executives, vice presidents and leaders throughout companies and organizations with widely varied backgrounds and experience.  And as a senior vice president at a corporation back in the day, I was honored to know women and men at all levels of leadership doing […]

Patience with Coaching

May 3, 2024

By Allison Iantosca, ACC How does coaching, a human process of awareness building and choice making, fit into our automated world? Yesterday was a regular old Wednesday. Digital alarm got me up, coffee brewed by an early morning pre-set, the Roomba had vacuumed overnight. Notifications of one kind or another littered my home screen all […]

I’ll Have That Conversation Tomorrow

April 17, 2024

By Dave Bushy, PCC One of the most recurring subjects that emerges in coaching is the human tendency of delaying a meaningful conversation with another person. It’s a common theme with some clients as they speak about subjects ranging from subordinates who are challenging, bosses who treat them unfairly or vendors who might be unresponsive.  […]

Trying a Different Way of Being

April 3, 2024

By Lisa McNeill, PCC Coaches help clients try new ways of being. And sometimes we are served by trying it ourselves. These last three days I have been in an all-day online class with a spacious 1.5 hours for a mid-day break.  While most days, I don’t take the time to walk at lunch, each […]

Intimacy With Your Mind

March 20, 2024

By Allison Iantosca, ACC I think, for a lot of us, intimacy is a four-letter word dolled up in eight. Equally jarring and inappropriate, it should be reserved for those key moments of potent expression and otherwise be left out of polite conversation. Being the well-mannered professionals we are, this generally accepted practice seems to […]

Addition by Subtraction

March 6, 2024

By Dave Bushy, PCC As a coach, much of my initial work with clients is digging deep into the details about their professional experience and developmental desires.  I spend time learning about who they are – essentially “what is” about them. And sometimes I hear from them about what they don’t feel they have achieved […]

Giving the Limelight to Awareness (The Queen of Nothing)

February 22, 2024

By Allison Iantosca, ACC I have always wanted to be the Queen of something, I think. In fact, I recently checked this with my ego, asking if this was historically true? My ego sort of scoffed in an “as-if- there-was-ever-any-question” sort of way. I asked back if we could kind of ratchet the Queen part […]

Triangulation in Executive Conversations 

February 7, 2024

By Dave Bushy, PCC I recall a lot of conversations between senior executives.  Often, we (myself included) would spend time talking about other people in the organization – most especially when they were not present.  And it wasn’t always positive. Did you ever know a senior executive who had an opinion about everyone in the […]

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