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Deepen Your Do’s

March 11, 2021

By Allison Iantosca Every now and again life throws you some lemons. Mine, a while ago, were in a fruit bowl on my counter at home ever ready to be squeezed into the vinegar-water-cinnamon-lemon elixir I was taking for fourteen mornings straight as part of a two-week clean eating regimen. I’d never done anything like […]

Will We Ever Return to Our Offices?

February 24, 2021

By Dave Bushy The world of office work changed in March of 2020.  The question is, did it change forever – and more precisely – for good?  I have experienced a number of webinars and scanned more than a few articles in recent months that have declared the office as we know it as dead.  […]

How Do I Meet My Goals? Hitting the Moving Target

February 10, 2021

By Dave Bushy When I served in an Army tank battalion we were taught marksmanship; first at stationary targets, and later, at moving ones. In the classroom, we learned that if the target was moving left or right you had to aim a bit ahead in the direction it was travelling in order to hit […]

What is Executive Coaching Like?

January 28, 2021

by Allison Iantosca We here in the Northeast have an affliction that hits every year about this time with the mid-winter thaw. We should have a name for it like “Hopelessly Harbingered” or “Punxsutawney’s Will” so that when a friend shows up with sockless shoes in early February you can label the danger. But even the […]

How do I reach people I disagree with?

January 13, 2021

By Dave Bushy As a senior vice president, I used to sit around the table at corporate boardrooms and listen to varying opinions about the business.  Some I agreed with – others I did not.  When I experienced disagreement rising, I could feel my energy building towards argument and a need to somehow convince the […]

Leading Positive Change

December 28, 2020

by Allison Iantosca Isn’t it funny that with all of these new-fangled technological gadgets, ordering your coffee at the drive-through is still somewhat of a primitive experience? I always wonder if I can keep my car inside the lines to correctly angle me around to the window or if my over-articulation of my order will […]

Quieting the Misery of Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome

December 10, 2020

By Diane Shannon “I no longer start every day in dread,” Sheila (not her real name) told me as we completed a six-month coaching engagement. Her statement initially surprised me because that’s not how she described her interest in coaching when we began. She had simply and unemotionally told me that she needed a career […]

Why Can’t People Just Stop and Listen? “The Power in Pause”

November 25, 2020

By Dave Bushy I remember hearing a joke about a young man on a blind date. Over dinner, he spent hours providing his date with non-stop details about his life, his thoughts and his feelings.   At some point, though, in a rare moment of introspection, he must have recognized that perhaps he had talked […]

Practicing Self-Care – The New Accountability

November 12, 2020

By Laurie Fitzpatrick It’s no coincidence that this was the year I decided to get serious about supporting myself.  In a year that has tested executives’ resourcefulness and resolve at every turn, I find I am no exception. It was on a weekly call with my board chair that he asked what I was doing […]

One Way to Manage Yourself and Difficult People

October 29, 2020

By Allison Iantosca I get that not every person is a dog person. Dogs shed and bark. They lick unimaginably hard places to reach and eat things that: a. you don’t know how they found and b. you would never even touch with your bare hand. They jump on the counter, jump on your mother-in-law, […]

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